The Plan to Eat mobile website works on any phone through any browser that has an internet connection, which may be through wifi or a cell phone connection. Through the browser you can view your shopping list and check items off as you shop, see what meals are on the planner, or browse your recipes.

But how are you going to check items off as you shop if your grocery store does not have a wifi connection, or is outside of your cell phone coverage? The Plan to Eat mobile website uses a technology called “offline access” so that you can take your list with you. Here’s how it works:

If you know you are about to head to a grocery store that doesn’t have a wifi connection, or is outside of your cell phone coverage, take a minute to open up your shopping list on your phone; visit, log in, look at your list, and if you are on an iPhone or Android device you can save Plan to Eat to your homescreen so that it can function just like an app.

Your shopping list will download to your phone when you open it. You can close out of your list, open up any other apps, answer calls, check your email, use the maps... whatever you want to do on your phone, and you will still be able to access your shopping list at the press of a button.

As you travel to your favorite grocery store you may find yourself outside of your cell phone coverage. Without cell phone coverage you will not be able to make phone calls or access the internet - you won’t be connected through your phone in any way to anything. This is common in rural areas.

But with Plan to Eat’s offline access you can still access your shopping list because your list will be stored on your phone. Simply press the Plan to Eat button on your homescreen and your list will be waiting for you. Check items off as you shop and navigate to different stores just like you would if you had an internet connection, the only difference will be that you will see a note at the top that reads “You’re Offline” and tells you when your shopping list was last updated.

Once you are back in an area where you can connect to a wifi network or have cell phone coverage, open your list again. The Plan to Eat shopping list that is on your phone will synchronize with your Plan to Eat shopping list that is on the server and it will be as though you had an internet connection the entire time.

Access without internet