The Recipe Book is automatically sorted by Course, but you can use the search options to filter and reorder your recipes. 

Search bar

Perform a simple keyword search with the search bar at the top of the Cook section. Search for recipes with keywords that match the title, description, ingredients, directions, source, or tags.  



Use the search filters to narrow down your search (available in App version 2.3.2 and higher).

  1. Tap the Filters option to the right on the search box.
  2. Then select between: Course, Cuisine, Main Ingredient, Tag, Rating, Total Time, Times Planned, Has Photo, Title (alphabetical) and Recently Added.
  3. Tap Select to automatically redirect to the Recipe Book with the new filter applied. 
  4. The Recipe Book will them be reordered according to the chosen filter. 
  5. To exit the search select Clear from the search header. 

In the App, only one search filter can be applied at a time, but the keyword search can be applied in addition to any filter.


If you navigate to the Plan or Shop Tab, then come back to your recipes, your populated search will be waiting for you.