Change individual serving sizes on the Planner

  1. Toggle the Servings button on the Planner to reveal the serving number for each planned recipe.
  2. Change the serving amount of any recipe.
  3. Click the OK link that will appear to the right to save the changes. 
  4. To turn the servings boxes back off, toggle the Servings button again.

In your Shopping List, the number of servings for that recipe and the associated amount of ingredients will be adjusted for the new quantity.

 Editing the serving amount in your Planner does not change the original recipe, it only changes the serving amount for that one instance of the recipe on your Planner.

Change multiple serving sizes at once

  1. Press the Edit Plan button on the Planner.
  2. In the Edit Meal Plan dialog, choose Change Servings in the dropdown.
  3. Select the date range for recipes you'd like to update the serving size.
  4. Type in the new serving size, which will be applied to all recipes in the selection.
  5. Hit Confirm to finalize the change.

The number of servings for those recipes and the associated amounts of ingredients will be adjusted in your Shopping List.


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