Once you have more than a few recipes in your recipe book you are going to need a way to find them. The Search, Sort, and Filter functionality will allow you to do just that.

The Search Box

Use the search box at the top of the search options in the left sidebar.

  • Separate multiple keywords with spaces.
  • If you search for "fast healthy chicken" (no quotation marks), only recipes with all three keywords will be returned, but not recipes with just one of those keywords.


Recipes can be sorted by:

  • Course
  • Cuisine
  • Main Ingredient
  • Title
  • Tag
  • Total Time
  • Rating
  • Times Planned
  • Recently Added
  • If it has a Photo
  • If it's Private

Sorting does not change the number of recipes displayed, it only changes the order in which they are listed.


You can use the drop-down filters to filter recipes based on:

  • Course
  • Cuisine
  • Main Ingredient
  • Tag
  • Total Time
  • Website
  • Rating
  • User 

With Ingredients

The With Ingredients filter will display recipes containing any of the ingredients that you add using this filter.

  1. Add an ingredient into the search bar.
  2. Press Enter to add that recipe to the search.
  3. Add additional recipes in the same manner to widen search results.

For example, if I add “apples” as one ingredient filter, and “cinnamon” as a second ingredient filter, I will see all recipes that contain either apples or cinnamon.

Ingredient filters can be removed by clicking on the icon next to the ingredient name. 

With ALL Ingredients

The With ALL Ingredients filter will display recipes containing all of the ingredients that you add using this filter.

If I add “apples” as one ingredient, and “cinnamon” as a second ingredient, I will see all recipes that contain both apples and cinnamon.

Without Ingredients

The Without Ingredients filter will display recipes containing none of the ingredients added using this filter. This is helpful when you are trying to avoid a particular ingredient.

If I add “apples” to this filter, I will see all recipes in my Recipe Book that do not contain apples.

Combinations of filters

It’s really in the combining of these filters that we see how powerful they can be. 

For example: if I have dinner guests coming and I know I want to have an apple dessert, but I know that I want the  recipe to be free of wheat, I can put “apple” into the With Ingredients filter, and “wheat” into the Without Ingredients filter.

I can also include any of the above pull down filters to apply to the search (ie: Course - Desserts).

The resulting recipes will fit all of the search criteria.

Saving Searches

Once you have a group of filters set up you will see a Save Search button at the top of your Recipe Book. This button will save your search, sort, and filter criteria allowing you to easily access the results again.

Once you have saved a search it will appear in the Saved Searches dropdown menu. When you select a saved search, you can Load it, Rename it, or Delete it.


All of these sort and filter features are also available on the left sidebar of the Planner by pressing the Filter Recipes link above the recipe listing.

Filters with Groups and Friends

The filtering also works when you are looking at the recipes available through your Groups and Friends. This allows you to quickly find recipes that meet your requirements out of what may be thousands.


Try it out!


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