Find friends

Whether your diet preferences are Paleo, gluten free, real food, freezer cooking, or just about anything else; chances are there are other Plan to Eat users that share your preferences and would love to exchange recipes with you. To find these people:

1. Take a look at the special section of our help website called Find Friends. Share Recipes.



2. Use the search bar to find discussions centered around the food preferences that you are looking for.



3. When the results are displayed, find a conversation thread that looks interesting to you. Click into that conversation.



4. In here you will find a list of other people having a conversation centered around that food preference who would love to exchange recipes with you. Copy these user names so that you can send them an invitation to become friends.


Click here for instructions on how to send and receive Friend invitations.

How do I share recipes? how do I add a friend who already uses PTE