If you'd like to add custom formatting to your recipe descriptions and directions, you can use a limited list of HTML tags.

To create the desired formatting, the HTML tag needs to have both opening < > and closing </> brackets around the word you want to format. 

For example:


will display the word Sauce in bold.

The list of possible tags available for use in Plan to Eat recipes are:

  • <strong> and <b> for bold text
  • <em> and <i> for italic text
  • <a href="url"link text </a> to create an html link

To add text formatting:

  1. From the recipe card, use the  menu to select Edit.
  2. In the description or directions box, add the HTML element with opening and closing brackets around the word you'd like to format.
  3. Press Save.


 Refer to w3schools.com for more information on using HTML elements.