Installation Instructions:

  1. Navigate to press the star icon in the right side of your URL bar to save the page as a favorite. 
  2. You will see a "bookmark added" or "Edit bookmark"window appear. (If you don't see this appear, simply click on the star icon again)
  3. Click More...
  4. In the URL bar of the favorite that you just created, delete the current URL and paste the code listed below. 
  5. If you want, you can also change the Name of the bookmark to "Save to PTE" or "Recipe Clipper for PTE" or whatever you'd like. 
  6. Press Save.


Bookmark code (copy and paste):


Once you have this tool saved, you can begin using it to import recipes from all around the web:

  1. Navigate to a recipe website. 
  2. Press the bookmark button that you just saved!
  3. The Recipe Clipper will grab the recipe data and the import window will appear. 
  4. Make sure all the data is correct and make any adjustments as necessary. 
  5. Press save.
  6. If you do not press save, a draft of this recipe will be added to the Drafts section of your Recipe Book. These will be available to you for one week and you can save it to your Recipe Book at anytime during that week.