When you click into the details of a recipe you will see a button that reads "Private". When this checkbox is checked:

  1. Others will not be able to access the page through its web address.
  2. Others will not be able to share the page on any social media or email link.
  3. Your Plan to Eat friends will not be able to see the recipe.

The only way to access the recipe is through your account.

When this button is unchecked the recipe is accessible through all of those methods. There is no in-between — you can't make a recipe accessible to your Plan to Eat friends but not accessible through the web address. Privacy is either completely on or off.

By default recipes are public when you import them, but you can check them as private when importing. 

Plan to Eat does not share your recipes on the web and we hide them from search engines by default. Your recipe book is just for you and recipes are only visible to other users when you connect as friends.

Do my recipes remain private, or can others access them?