Find the spreadsheet view by clicking the  icon next to the "Add Recipe" button at the top of your website Recipe Book.

Some things you can do with the new Spreadsheet View:

  • View you recipes in columns for Source, Total Time, Course, Cuisine, Main Ingredient and Tags. Extra columns appear when sorting my Recently Created or when searching by ingredients.
  • Tap the heading title to sort your recipes by column headings.
  • Tap the icon to edit the recipe.
  • When in the Queue or Freezer, tap the icon to add a recipe to your meal planner.
  • Easily toggle recipes to the queue or private.
  • Use the ••• menu to access all recipe actions.
  • Easily rate your recipes by tapping on the star rating.
  • Click on any Source URL to open that website in a new browser tab.
  • Click on any category for a recipe (like Course, Cuisine, Main Ingredient and Tags) to filter your recipes by those options.


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