The Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) will allow you to import recipes from most websites while browsing. It can be installed onto any device that uses the Chrome browser. The easiest way to install the Bookmark is to first install on your desktop computer and synchronize it to Chrome on all of your devices through Google.

On your desktop computer:

  1. Launch Chrome. If you are not already logged into Google in Chrome, log into your account.
  2. When prompted, press the Link data button to synchronize your the desktop version of Chrome with your devices.
  3. Begin installing the bookmark by selecting View > Always Show Bookmarks Bar
  4. Add the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) to Chrome by clicking on the Add to PTE box and dragging it up into your Bookmarks Bar:

 Because all of your devices synchronize using Google, your bookmark will now show up in Chrome on your iPhone or Android device, which means you can also add recipes to your Plan to Eat account while you are browsing using Chrome on any of your devices.

On your Android or iOS Device:

  1. Launch Chrome and navigate to a recipe that you would like to add to your Plan to Eat account.
  2. Begin typing "Add to PTE" in the URL bar of your browser.
  3. When you see this search result in the drop down menu, select it to launch the Recipe Clipper Bookmark.
  4. You may need to log into your Plan to Eat account. Once logged in, you can save the recipe and it will be waiting for you in your account.
Import recipes on Android