*Because there are so many devices, the installation example in the video above may look different than the bookmark options on your device.

The Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) will allow you to add recipes to your Plan to Eat account while you are browsing websites. These instructions will show you how to manually add the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) to the default browser on your Android device.

Install the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark):

  1. Copy the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) code:
  2. Press the star icon to create a new bookmark.
  3. Edit the Bookmark you just saved
  4. Select the address listed in the address bar, of the edit window then paste in the code you copied in step 1.
  5. Press OK and the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) is installed.

With the bookmark installed, you can add recipes to your Plan to Eat account:

  1. Open your Bookmarks window, or search for your Bookmark using the URL bar, and press the Add to PTE bookmark in the drop down search results to launch the Plan to Eat Recipe Clipper.
  2. You may need to log into your Plan to Eat account. Once logged in, you can save the recipe and it will be waiting for you in your account.


FAQ: The Clipper is installed on my device, but nothing happens when I try to use it!

Please test the following instructions to see if this allows you to use the clipper: 

1. Find a recipe you want to import.
2. In the URL bar of that recipe, begin typing "Save to PTE"
3. You should see this option appear in the drop down search results.
4. Click on that link.
5. The import window should open and import the recipe.
6. Save.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact us!