Get a more accessible version of your recipes on your tablet or phone using the Cooking View. In the Plan to Eat app, the screen will stay awake while in the Cooking View of a recipe. 

Access the Cooking View:

  1. Tap the menu from the Cook tab or tap on a planned recipe.
  2. Tap Start Cooking.

Swipe within the Directions section to navigate between recipe steps and use the resizing toggle to adjust the height of the Directions and Ingredients sections. 

If you have multiple recipes planned on the same mealtime, you can toggle between recipes:

  1. Tap on a planned recipe.
  2. Tap Start Cooking from the menu options.
  3. Use the Next button in the upper right to navigate to the next recipe planned on the meal time. 
    • The Cooking View will remember the direction step you're on when navigating between multiple recipes planned on the same meal time.


The Overview allows you to see the entire recipe, both directions and ingredients, all at once.

Step by Step

The Step by Step view allows you to move through one direction step at a time, while still showing the recipe's ingredients list.