Option 1: Planner Notes

Use Notes to indicate when you are having leftovers or if something irregular is happening for one of your meals. Notes do not appear on the Shopping List. 

  1. In the Planner, click on a meal section (or the + next to the meal name).
  2. A dialog box will appear with the option to add a Note or a specific Ingredient to that mealtime.
  3. In the Note section, add the corresponding Note, ie: leftovers.
  4. Click the Add Note button when finished.

This note will only appear on this one day at the specified meal time. 

Option 2: Adjust Serving Size

This is an option to use when you'd still like to see the recipe name on your Planner. It could even be incorporated with the Note option above to specify it as leftovers.

  1. Plan the meal you're having as leftovers a second time on the corresponding "leftovers" date.
  2. Toggle ON the  Servings button, to show the serving size of each recipe.
  3. Adjust the leftover recipe to a serving size of 0 (zero).
  4. Hit OK to confirm the change. 

When the serving size is set to zero, the items in that recipe will not appear on the Shopping List.




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