From the website Planner, you can print your weekly or monthly meal plan and have the option to include the full recipes from the print preview.

Use the  Print button to see your print options for the meal planner calendar. You can choose small, normal, or large font on the printed calendar.

At the top right of the print preview, you'll see a checkbox labeled "Print # recipes included in meal plan", checking this box will include the full recipes in your print out. 

With the full recipes included in your printed meal plan, you then have the option to print "Unique Recipes" or "Recipes by Date".

  • The Unique Recipes option will print one instance of each recipe, even if there are multiple instances planned, with unscaled serving sizes.
  • The Recipes by Date option will print every recipe, even if there's more than once instance, with the serving sizes scaled on the Planner. 

 If your meal plan is only printing in black & white, select the "Background Graphics" checkbox in the browser print preview.

Printing your meal plan is currently only available on the website and not from the Plan to Eat app.