From your Recipe book, click the small caret next to the heading 'My Recipes'. This will bring down a menu where you can navigate to the 'Friends' section.

You can search for Friends from the search bar at the top or press the “Add Friends” button to send a PTE friend invite to someone’s email address.

By tapping on one of your Friends usernames, you can view and search for recipes in your current Friends’ recipe books.

Friends in PTE can only see your public recipes and vice versa. You cannot see a Friend’s recipes they have saved from another Friend’s account (a friend of a friend).

To save a Friend’s recipe, navigate to their recipe book. Tap on a recipe name that you would like to save to your own Recipe Book. Use the 3-dot menu on a recipe to bring up a menu with the option to “Save to My Recipes”. Use the toggle next to this option to save the recipe to your recipe book.

A recipe saved from a Friend’s account will be indicated with an red heart icon next to the recipe name. You can easily find the recipe by searching for it or scrolling through your recipe book. To un-save the recipe from your Recipe Book, you’ll need to open the recipe, tap the three dot recipe menu and toggle OFF the option of “Save to My Recipes”.