The Queue is a place to segment a smaller portion of your recipe book into one place. You can use it however you'd like! We like to use it as place for our family favorite recipes or recipes we like to have on-hand to view without searching. 

Add Recipes to Your Queue:

  1. Tap the  menu on the recipe. 
  2. Toggle Queued to On.
  3. When the toggle is On (darkened), the recipe is in your Queue.

Immediately after adding a recipe to your Queue, you will be taken back to your recipe book and you will see a notification banner at the bottom of the screen to notify you of the change and have the option to Undo.

Remove Recipes from Your Queue:

  1. Navigate to the Queue.
  2. Tap the menu to toggle Off the Queued option.

View Recipes in Your Queue:

  1. From your Recipe book, tap the My Recipes header. This will bring down a menu where you can navigate to  Queue.
  2. You can see what recipes are in your Queue organized by their course. 

Add Queued Recipes to your Planner:

  1. Tap the menu on the recipe card.
  2. Select the Add to Planner option in the menu bar.
  3. Select the date and mealtime for the recipe.
  4. Tap Add to finish planning the recipe.

Plan Queued Recipes from the Plan tab:

  1. From the Planner, tap on a date.
  2. Select Plan Recipe.
  3. Tap the My Recipes header and navigate to  Queue.
  4. Select the recipe(s) you'd like to plan and tap Next
  5. Select the date and mealtime for the recipe.
  6. Tap Add to finish planning the recipe.