Recipes in your recipe book are unpublished by default and are only shared with people you add as Friends. However, you can share individual recipes via text and email from the Plan to Eat app!

Share Recipes in the App

  1. From the Cook tab, tap on the  menu in the lower right corner of a recipe card.
  2. Select   Share Recipe.
  3. Use the share menu on your device to choose the sending method and recipient.

Texting or emailing a recipe will send a link to the recipe. If the recipient has a Plan to Eat account they will see the recipe as though they were viewing it in their Friends tab. If they don't have a Plan to Eat account they will see the recipe ingredients only and be asked if they would like to try Plan to Eat.

In both cases they will see the ingredients, but they will need to visit the original website to view the directions unless you are the original author of the recipe.


Learn more about recipe authors and privacy.