The serving size of any recipe in Plan to Eat can be scaled to meet your needs. You can scale from the Recipe Book to update the serving size for any future planning, or scale recipes already on your Planner to update for that one instance. 

Scaled recipe ingredient amounts will be reflected on the Shopping List. 

1. Editing the serving sizes of recipes in your Recipe Book.

To edit a recipe that is in your recipe book:

  1. Navigate to the My Recipes tab and open the recipe.
  2. Tap in the serving size field to enter a new number of servings.
  3. Tap Save to finish.
    • The recipe will automatically update to the number you entered, and scale accordingly.
    • The original number of servings will be listed below the scaled servings field.

2. Editing the serving size of recipes on your Planner

To edit the serving size of a recipe that is already placed on your Planner:

  1. Navigate to your Planner tab and tap on a recipe you would like to update.
  2. Select the option to Edit Planned Servings from the menu that opens
  3. Enter a new number of servings to fit your preferences.
  4. Tap Save to finish.

  Editing a recipe already in the Planner will only affect the serving size of the recipe for that one instance, not the saved recipe in your recipe book. The amount of ingredients will be updated in your shopping list for the date range corresponding to that planned recipe. 

To change the original serving size of a recipe

If an imported recipe shows the incorrect serving size for the amount of ingredients listed and you'd like to update the original serving size:

  1. Navigate to the My Recipes tab and open the recipe.
  2. Tap on the  menu and select Edit Recipe.
  3. Scroll down to the ingredients section and update the Serves box.
  4. Tap Save in the upper right to finish updating the recipe.

This update will change only the original serving size of the recipe and will not affect the amount of ingredients associated with that serving size. To scale a recipe's ingredients based on number of servings needed, use one of the two above methods.