Gift subscriptions are a great way to share the health benefits, peace of mind, and household organization that comes with a Plan to Eat subscription. 

We offer annual gift subscriptions for $49 USD. Our gift subscriptions do not expire and you can send a gift to anyone with, or without, a current Plan To Eat subscription. 

Click here to purchase a Gift Subscription 

As you are filling in the information for the gift subscription you will see an email preview to the right. This preview will show you the content of the email the recipient will receive.

If you would like to delay the delivery of your gift subscription simply check the box that reads Send welcome email to me, not my friend. The gift will be sent to your email address an you can forward the gift subscription from your email to your friend at the appropriate time.

 The recipient’s subscription will not start until they click the link to redeem it, regardless of when you make the purchase.

If you would like to share your recipes with the person you are purchasing the gift subscription for, check the box that reads Automatically share my (non-private) recipes with my friends, when creating the gift. 

Learn more about sharing recipes with Plan to Eat Friends.

Buying Gifts in Bulk

You can buy gift subscriptions in bulk from the Bulk Purchase tab. This gives you the option to purchase a large number of gifts to then distribute to recipients at a later date. Simply fill in the number of gifts you'd like to purchase and select the checkbox if you'd like to automatically share recipes with the gift recipients. 

  • 25 to 99 gift subscriptions include a 20% discount.
  • 100 or more gift subscriptions include a 30% discount.

After you purchase a gift subscription you will receive an email confirmation with your total paid. 

How does someone redeem a gift subscription?

To use their gift subscription, the recipient can simply click the Redeem Your Gift button from the email, and the gift will be automatically applied, or they will be prompted to login/create an account. 

If you selected "Send welcome email to me, not my friend", you will need to forward the gift subscription from your email to your friend for them to redeem it.

Managing Gift Subscriptions

From the website  Account page, you can manage your purchased gifts.

In your list of purchased gift subscriptions, you will see:

  • the email address the gift was sent to.
  • a icon to edit the recipient's email address. 
  • a icon to resend the gift to the current email address.
  • the purchase date and price.
  • the redemption link.

Once the gift has been redeemed you will see the gift account expiration date in red.


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