How to send your shopping list to a grocery service:

  1. Use the checkboxes next to your items to select what you want to send to a grocery service.
    • Currently you can select up to 100 items for grocery delivery.
  2. Click the Deliver Groceries button.
  3. Select the service you would like to work with for your grocery order. 
  4. Complete the order in the browser window provided by the grocery service.

How to change stores:

  1. Choose a store from the list of options in the grocery delivery modal.
  2. Click the Whisk account icon in the upper right of the modal.
  3. Click on the Zip code option and select a new store.
  4. After selecting a new store, you will be directed back to the Whisk account page, then use the Back arrow in the upper left to navigate to the new store. 

Alternatively, some stores have a "down" arrow in the upper right, next to their logo, which will allow you to quickly change stores.

Additional information regarding the grocery integration:

  • Please be sure to merge and edit your shopping list items before sending them to one of the service providers. The grocery services will not merge similar items for you.
  • The larger the number of items selected, the longer the transfer between services will take. If you have selected a large number of items (over 40), please be patient as the items transfer.
  • Once your items are transferred, you will need to select brands and update quantities within the window provided by the grocery service.  
  • Items from Plan to Eat do not always transfer correctly to the grocery services, please double check your grocery order before finalizing the purchase.

 We recently released this feature on our app as well! Learn more about grocery delivery in the app.


 We are currently working with a 3rd party company, Whisk, to provide this service. This is something we try not to do here at Plan to Eat, but integrating with individual grocery stores is a very challenging task. Whisk allows our business to use their integrations to provide grocery services to our customers. 

See a list of Whisk's current integrated stores.

When we run into issues with the grocery delivery options, please understand we have to also work with Whisk to fix and mitigate any issues. We understand this is not ideal and we appreciate your patience if anything isn't working quite right. 

If you have questions or feedback regarding the grocery service integration, please contact our support team at [email protected]