To automatically calculate nutrition facts for a recipe:

  1. Navigate to the Nutrition Facts section of the recipe.
  2. Click the Calculate Nutrition Facts button.
  3. Wait a moment while the program calculates the totals.
    • Totals will be calculated on a per-serving basis.
  4. Use the arrow icons to the left of the nutrient to display the ingredients that contribute to that nutrient total. 

The nutrition totals will adjust anytime a change is made to the recipe ingredients. If you choose, you can Recalculate Nutrition Facts, at the bottom of the section with a before and after comparison.


If you feel the calculated nutrient values are incorrect, first check and adjust the Original Serving Size of your recipe. Some recipes will incorrectly import a serving size of 1 which can make the nutrient totals seem too high.

If the totals still appear incorrect, flag the nutrient for review by our team and we will update the ingredients that are skewing the total value.

We are currently reviewing flagged nutrient values bi-weekly. 

To flag a nutrient for review (only available on the website):

  1. Calculate nutrition facts for the recipe.
  2. Click the arrow icon to the left of the nutritional value, eg: Calories, to show the ingredient breakdown contributing to the nutrient total.
  3. Hover over the individual ingredients and then click the flag icon to send a review request.

If an ingredient has already been reviewed by the Plan to Eat team, you will not see the option to flag that ingredient. If you think an ingredient is still incorrect, please email us at [email protected] with specific recipe and ingredient information. 

We are still working out some kinks and highly specific aspects of the feature. As we get customer feedback and flagged nutrition values, the nutrition database will get smarter and produce better results.