If you’re using the Recipe Clipper to import recipes from around the web, it is important to press “Save Changes” button, which will save the recipe to your Recipe Book. You will see a warning message appear at the top of the import window.


If you forget to press save, these un-saved recipes will show up as “Drafts” in your PTE recipe book. They will stay in this section for 7 days and you have the opportunity to save them to your Recipe Book during that time.

The drafts section is located at the top of your recipe book.


When you click on the Drafts link, you’ll be taken to a page of only draft recipes that were never fully saved. You’ll see a yellow “Unsaved” tag in the upper left of the recipe card.

To finish saving these recipes, simply click on the “Save” button on the lower left of the recipe card and your draft will be saved to your recipe book.

If you accidentally imported this recipe and didn’t want to add it to your recipe book, you can either select the “Remove” button on the lower right of the recipe card. Or if you take no action on your draft recipes, they will be automatically removed from your PTE account one week after they were imported.


Hidden recipes are located next to Draft recipes, click here to learn how to Hide Recipes.