Prep notes allow you to add preparation notes to a recipe that can occur anywhere between the day of making the recipe up to 31 days before making the recipe.

Adding Prep Notes

  1. Open the recipe details.
  2. Scroll to the Prep Notes section (under the directions).
  3. Press the pencil icon in the upper right of the section.
  4. Press the  Add Prep Note button.
  5. Select how many days ahead the prep note should appear
    • Or delete a prep note using the  trashcan icon.
  6. Type in your note.
  7. Press the Save button

Multiple prep notes will be listed in the order in which they occur.

When a recipe with Prep Notes is added to the Planner, the notes will appear in the Notes section, on their corresponding days. The preparation instructions will appear in bold, with the recipe title and date below.

Prep notes are connected to their recipe, whether moved to a different date on the Planner or removed, they will adjust accordingly.

Add Prep Notes from the Planner

  1. Click in the Notes section.
  2. Type in your Note.
  3. Check the box at the bottom that reads, "Make this a prep note for a recipe currently on your planner."
  4. Press the Add Note button.
  5. The Planner in Plan to Eat will change to white with a note at the top that reads “Click on a recipe to assign the prep note”.
  6. Select the corresponding recipe and the Planner will return to normal with the Prep Note applied to the recipe.

When this recipe is planned again, the Prep Note will be attached to it.

Convert Notes on the Planner to Prep Notes

Notes in the Planner can be converted into Prep Notes for any recipe planned on the same day or ahead of that note.

  1. Click on the Note you'd like to convert to a Prep Note,
  2. Select Convert to Prep Note.
  3. Tap on a recipe you own to assign the prep note.
  4. The Note will automatically convert and appear in the Notes section as a Prep Note.

Prep Notes added to a recipe will also show up in your subscribed calendar feeds. 

If you have your Planner shared with another calendar software, you can view your planned recipes, ingredients, and notes on that Calendar as well, including prep notes.

Prep notes will appear as an all day event on their specified date so you don’t forget about them.

Learn more about sharing your Planner with another calendar software