Never again will you forget to soak beans or thaw chicken for an upcoming recipe.

Try it out!

When editing the details of your recipes you will notice a section of the recipe titled Prep Notes.

Prep notes allow you to add preparation notes to a recipe that can occur anywhere between the day of making the recipe up to 31 days before making the recipe.
Once you have entered Prep Notes into a recipe, press the Save Recipe button and the Prep Notes will be added to the recipe listed in the order in which they occur.
When this recipe is placed on the Planner the Prep Notes will appear in the notes section on their corresponding days. The instruction that you input for that note will appear in bold, while the corresponding recipe date and title will appear below that.

If this recipe is moved from one day to another, the corresponding notes will move with it.
If this recipe is removed from the Planner, the corresponding notes will also be removed.

Prep notes can also be added to a recipe directly on your Planner. 

To attach a Prep Note to this recipe I click in the Notes section to add a note.
Below the note is a check box that reads “Make this a prep note for a recipe currently on your planner.” Check that box and press the “Add Note” button.
The Planner in Plan to Eat will change to white with a note at the top that reads “Click on a recipe to associate the prep note with”.
Select the corresponding recipe and the Planner will return to normal with the Prep Note applied to the recipe.
When this recipe is planned again, the Prep Note will be attached to it.

Prep Notes added to a recipe will also show up in your subscribed calendar feeds. 

With Plan to Eat, you can view your recipes, ingredients, and notes in your favorite calendar software that supports iCalendar format. 
Select the Meal Planner Options button, which is the one that looks like a gear. About half way down in the options are three links. These links are feeds that can be inserted into the calendar software.
Copy the link that follows the “Recipes” heading. Next, open your calendar software and create a new calendar subscription by pasting the link copied from Plan to Eat. Press the Subscribe button and you will see your recipes appear as events on your calendar. Any prep note will appear as an all day event on their specified date so you don’t forget about them.