Use the iOS or Android apps to check items off of your list as you shop.


To ensure that you are seeing the correct list of items, begin by checking that the date range at the top of your list matches the range of dates that you have planned recipes.

To create a custom date range on the app, you'll want to double tap the custom start date on the calendar and then only tap once on the end date you'd like to select.



Each item will be listed in alphabetical order below the category headings. Beside the ingredient name, you will see the amount you need to purchase. To edit the item or its quantity, tap on the pencil icon to the right of the ingredient name.



To mark an item as purchased, simply tap on the ingredient or item name. This will cross it off of your list, or remove it if you have the hide removed option selected in your List Settings.



At the bottom of the edit window, you will see what recipe the ingredient is associated with. Tapping on the recipe name will allow you to view the cooking view for that recipe.


List Settings (the 3 dot menu at the top-right) will allow you to customize:

  • Stores
  • Categories (within your stores)
  • View your list in Metric
  • Toggle between hiding and showing purchased items

Click here to learn how to use the List Settings to personalize your Shopping List.