You can update the recipe listing from the edit window on your Shopping List, so that your items will begin automatically merging when planned in the future:

  1. Find an item that you would like to edit.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the item name.
  3. When you make your changes to the item name in the edit window, you’ll see a box appear, giving you the option to change all recipes with the same title to the new ingredient title.
  4. When you select this box, all the recipes with ingredients of that title will update for easier merging in the future. (This option will only be available when editing an item’s title, not units.)

  When you edit an ingredient in your shopping list and select to change all the recipes with an ingredient of the same title, the changes apply to all recipes in your recipe book with an ingredient of that title.  This makes merging items more streamlined for your shopping list in the future. However, this change cannot be undone.


Learn more about merging your shopping list items.