The Queue allows you to segment a portion of your recipe book for quick planning. Often the Queue is used to separate recipes you know you'll want to plan in the near future or as a place to store your most frequently planned recipes.

Add Recipes to the Queue

  1. Open the recipe details.
  2. Check the  Add to Queue button from the upper right.
  3. This change will be automatically saved and the button will change to  Queued. 


  1. Click the check in the left corner of a recipe card.

Recipes can be added to the Queue from the Recipe Book or Planner. The Queue can be found on the left sidebar. In the Planner, recipes can be added to a meal plan by drag and drop with the  handle icon.

When you plan a recipe from the Queue a tag displays how many times it was recently planned.

You can clear only the recently planned recipes from the Queue with the Clear Recently Planned button or clear the entire Queue with the Clear Queue button. 


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