Try our Recipe Clipper Extension on Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, or Firefox to avoid some of these common issues!

If you've run into an issue with the bookmarklet Recipe Clipper not working properly, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Log out and back in to your Plan to Eat account. Then try to use the Recipe Clipper.

  2. Check the Cookies settings for your preferred browser. Learn more about our recommended Cookies settings for your browser
    • Blocking all Cookies may result in an error message in the the Recipe Clipper import window.
    • If you prefer to have all Cookies blocked by default, then be sure to add [.*] as an exception.

  3. Check the added extensions on your browser. Browser extensions can cause unexplained issues for the Recipe Clipper. Finding the culprit involves disabling all browser extensions and add-ons and then trying to use the Recipe Clipper. If the clipper works with the extensions disabled, then one of the extension is the cause of the issue. Learn more about troubleshooting a browser extension issue

  4. If you're stuck, try using the Recipe Clipper in another browser, which will identify if the issue is related to your preferred browser or another program on your computer.
    • If you use a VPN, the Recipe Clipper will not connect properly to your Plan to Eat account. 

If you are still unable to get the Recipe Clipper to work properly, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Please provide us with information about all the above steps and include which browser you're using. Thanks!