The PTE Recipes section contains recipes from recipe/cooking challenges previously hosted by Plan to Eat. These recipes are available for you to use, even if you weren't involved in the original challenge.

The recipes in the PTE Recipes section are completely optional and will only be visible in your account if you choose to save them.

You can find the PTE Recipes tab on the website's left sidebar and in the My Recipes menu on the mobile app. 

Once you are viewing a challenge's recipes, you can save them to your Recipe Book:

  1. Press on the heart icon at the bottom right of the recipe card.
  2. When saved, the heart will be red.
    • To remove recipes saved from a challenge, you can press the heart icon again. 

If there is an active challenge happening within Plan to Eat, you will receive email notifications from us to join via a landing page (you can update your email notification settings on your Account page).

While a cooking challenge is happening, the related challenge recipes will only be available to those who joined the challenge through their Friends section. The recipes will become available to everyone once the challenge is finished.


Have questions about challenges? Email our support team at [email protected]