Our Mission:

At Plan to Eat, we believe planning ahead is a pathway to freedom. Our mission is to help planners free up time, money, and mental space for more of what they love through the most flexible and functional meal planning app available.

Why We Do It:

We make the most flexible and functional meal planning app, so you can save time, feel prepared, and focus on doing what you love.

Plan to Eat was created to encompass everything great about pen and paper planning without the time commitment and clutter. Plan to Eat is the all-in-one meal planning tool that allows you to have the same intentionality and control as your current system but in a flexible and functional app. 

Who We Do It For:

Plan to Eat is built for the meal planners and do-it-yourselfers in the world. There’s little autonomy in pre-designed meal plans and no room for your own preferences and creativity. Plan to Eat was created for people who love to plan ahead and be intentional with their food choices.

With Plan to Eat you collect the recipes that fit your lifestyle, create a customized meal plan to accommodate your schedule, then go to the store with a list organized the way you like to shop. That’s the beauty of doing it yourself.

There is up-front work to gather your recipes, but as a fellow do-it-yourselfer, we’re used to that! It’s the same pen and paper system you’re used to, but we help you do it efficiently.


Zero ads.
No investors.
Small business mentality.
No hidden costs.
No tracking.

Learn more about our company and values on our About Us page!