When you log in to Plan to Eat, either through the Plan to Eat login page or by logging in through the bookmark tool, Plan to Eat will keep you logged in on that computer. Plan to Eat does this by placing a "Cookie" on your computer that will automatically log you in to your account the next time you visit the website or use the bookmark tool. 

There are a number of settings in your browser that can prevent the cookie from being set. When this happens you will have to log in every time you want to use Plan to Eat. If you would prefer to stay logged in to your Plan to Eat account here are a few settings that you should take a look at:

1. Make sure your browser is accepting third party cookies for plantoeat.com, or all websites.

A few examples of where to find these settings are shown below. If you don't see your browser, just dig around or do a quick Google search for "(your browser) accepting third party cookies" and you will find the guidance you are looking for.

In Chrome

Chrome > Preferences > Advanced Settings > Privacy and Security > Site settings > Cookies: set to "Allow sites to save and read cookie data".

You can add [*.]plantoeat.com as an exception under Allow (needs to include the [*.] before the site name). Also, make sure that Block third-party cookies and site data is unchecked.

In Safari

Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies & Website Data > Website Tracking: Prevent cross-site tracking should be disabled (unchecked) and Block all Cookies should be disabled (unchecked).  

You will need to restart your browser for either of the above fixes to take effect.

In Firefox

Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and Site Data and make sure Accept Cookies and Site Data is checked. If you want to further this, you can clear cookies, by then clicking on the Clear Data button.

In Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced Privacy Settings > Third-party Cookies: Accept

2. Make sure you are not browsing in Private mode or using an Incognito Window.

Many modern browsers contain a mode called Private Browsing, which is a security precaution used to ensure that web activity cannot be traced. Unfortunately it also means that cookies cannot be placed on the computer or device and that a login will be required every time you visit Plan to Eat. If you would like to automatically log in to your Plan to Eat account when you use that browser you will need to turn off your Private Browsing mode.

Turning off your Private Browsing mode will vary depending upon your browser. This article will walk you through a few of the common browsers.

If you aren't sure what this means, do a quick Google search for "(your browser) private mode" for more information.

3. Login to www.plantoeat.com in another browser tab before using the bookmark.

  1. Open up a window to a recipe you'd like to save.
  2. Then open a second tab in that window and login to your account at plantoeat.com.
  3. Leave that tab open and navigate back to the first tab and try to use the recipe clipper to save the recipe.

4. If you are still unable to stay logged in, contact our support team at help@plantoeat.com


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