Desktop Version 6.7.1 - 3/25/2024

  • We updated the recipe print preview so it more accurately matches the print output.
  • We fixed a rare visual glitch when viewing your meal planner in Safari.

Desktop Version 6.7.0 - 3/5/2024

  • We added caching to our desktop site so pages should load much faster (particularly the recipes) as you use the site.

Desktop Version 6.6.9 - 2/27/2024

  • We added caching to our API so the mobile app should use less resources and be more snappy! 

Desktop Version 6.6.8 - 2/23/2024

  • We improve the functionality and performance for the custom autocomplete list of ingredient titles that is displayed when adding and editing recipe ingredients, shopping list items, and searching recipes by ingredient titles.
Desktop Version 6.6.7 - 2/20/2024
  • We improve the functionality and performance for the custom autocomplete list of ingredient titles that is displayed when adding and editing recipe ingredients, shopping list items, and searching recipes by ingredient titles. 
Desktop Version 6.6.6 - 2/5/2024
  • We fixed a bug that was not allowing users to remove prep and cook times from their recipes.
Desktop Version 6.6.5 - 1/15/2024 
  • We fixed a bug where adding new ingredients for a recipe on the planner was not picking the correct grocery category and store for the new shopping list items.
  • And a long list of updates behind-the-scenes.  
Desktop Version 6.6.4 - 12/15/2023 
  • Don't convert shopping list item units like mL to ml.

Planner UI updates:

  • Add a gray background for old days on the planner.
  • Add dotted lines between sections.
  • Darken the section headings, e.g. Dinner, Lunch, etc.
  • Like the app, inline the nutritional information on events instead of putting them on a newline, and update the event type headings.
  • scaleTimes on weekly planner like we do on full page planner.
  • Slightly increase the height for the weekly planner from 240px to 30vh (30% of the vertical height of the window).
  • Fix sticky day headings on weekly (and monthly) planner.
  • Make meal section headings sticky.
  • shrink the padding on planned events so you can see more information.
  • Fix the max lines ellipsis on event titles.
  • Add back the blue outlines on prep notes when hovering over the associated recipes.
  • Improve the UI for the popup tips on planned recipes and events.
Desktop Version 6.5.3 - 8/22/23
  • Improved the Recipe Clipper's accuracy when saving recipes from multiple websites.
  • Limit imported recipe ingredients from the web to 100 ingredients.
Desktop Version 6.5.2 - 8/11/23
  • We fixed a bug that was causing recipe file imports that included emojis to fail.
  • We fixed a bug that would switch the recipe view from table to grid after visiting the meal planner.
Desktop Version 6.5.0 - 7/28/23
  • Photos with a URL of over 255 characters will now import correctly. 
  • We fixed a bug that caused remote photos to not be saved when removing or restoring draft recipes.
  • We fixed importing total time data from websites, such as
  • We fixed a bug causing some external recipe photos to not appear right after a recipe was imported.
Desktop Version 6.4.5 - 6/6/23
  • We updated the homepage branding so it more closely matches our new wordpress site.
  • We fixed a bug causing draft recipes without titles to appear in your recipe book.
Desktop Version 6.4.4 - 5/4/23
  • We added a recipe filter that allows you to return recipes based on a calorie range.
    • And a sort by calories option.
  • We now display calories on recipe cards, and the grid format, when sorting and/or searching by calories.
  • To improve performance, we're limiting the website filter to 150 websites when viewing the Friends recipe book.
  • Bugfix: Calculating Nutrition for a recipes were not calculating the unit "fl. oz." and "fl oz" correctly. Recipes that use "fl oz" and have already been calculated will need to be re-calculated to fix the incorrect nutritional data.

Desktop Version 6.4.2 - 3/31/23

  • We updated freezer prep recipes to not display nutritional data.
  • We fixed the watermark PTE logo when printing recipes.
  • When sharing the shopping list from the app, the URL will now remember the original shared date range.

Desktop Version 6.4.1 - 3/15/23

  • We updated the Plan to Eat logo.
  • We added a slightly cool tint to website gray colors.
  • We fixed some image imports in the recipe clipper.
  • We fixed a few misc UI issues.

Desktop Version 6.3.9 - 2/1/23

  • We increased the global font size for the desktop website from 13.5px to 14px.
  • We darkened planner day section headings when printing.

Desktop Version 6.3.8 - 1/23/23

  • We improved recipe imports for and
  • You can now view the nutrient details for friend's recipes.

Desktop Version 6.3.5 - 11/8/22

  • We renamed "Cooking Challenges" to "PTE Recipes".
  • We fixed the Queue button in the Recipe Clipper. You can now queue a saved recipe inside the Recipe Clipper.
  • We updated the gift subscription welcome email.
Desktop Version 6.3.0 - 8/12/22
  • We added a Nutrition Facts API that calculates Nutrition Facts for your recipes based on the ingredients and number of servings.
  • We added a Calculate Nutrition Facts button to the recipe view so you can calculate the Nutrition Facts for a recipe. You will be prompted with a before and after comparison to make sure you like the changes. Please note that this feature is in beta.
  • We added a menu allowing admins to change the selected nutrition for an ingredient nutrient.
(All of the nutrition features are only available to admins right now.)
Desktop Version 6.2.7 - 8/4/22
  • Plan to Eat admins can now enable/disable the email verification process.
  • We made general updates to the gift subscription page.
  • Bugfix: replace &s with &s when importing recipes from the web.
  • Bugfix: Stops the recipe clipper from jumping to the top of the clipper window when adding a new recipe category.
  • Bugfix: Fix recipe importing for, and maybe other websites with a lot of spaces and line-breaks in ingredients html/text.

Desktop Version 6.2.6 - 7/8/22

  • We can now import yield(s) from recipe text files.
  • Bugfix: Don't scroll the window when opening the category dialog in the recipe clipper.