Manually add Shopping List items

New items can be added to your list by clicking the Add Items button at the top.

  • When you add a new item, or a list of items at one time (up to 20 at once), you have the option to assign it to a category and a specific store.
  • Items in your Shopping List can be moved from one store to another simply by checking the item or group of items and selecting a new store from the Stores button.

When you begin to type an item name, you will see suggestions based on other ingredients in the database. Select one of these items or continue to type your own.

Plan to Eat will automatically categorize your shopping items and will recognize which store you prefer to purchase the item, based on previous shopping trips. 

Remove Items

To remove items from the shopping list:

  • Check the boxes next to each item you want to remove and then click the Remove at the top of your shopping list.
  • You can also click the individual trash can next to each item.

 Manually added items will remain on your shopping list, regardless of the date range of your list, until you remove them or until you restore your list.

Restore Individual Items

To view and recover removed items:

  1. Toggle ON the Hide Removed option to view any removed items.
  2. Click the restore arrow next to the removed item
    • Removed items are indicated with faded text and a strikethrough.

You can not "purchase" items on the desktop, only remove them. To "purchase" items by tapping off items as you shop, use the Plan to Eat mobile app!