Working with shopping list items in Plan to Eat is easy. Most of it is automated, but we give you the tools to manually add and delete items. This video shows you how that works.

Add Items

If you know of items that you need on your list, that aren’t on your list because they aren’t in your recipes, things like breakfast cereal or bananas, click the “Add Items to List” button at the top of the window. This will allow you to add miscellaneous items to your list.

Type the item name into the Item Name field. As you begin to type you will see that Plan to Eat will make suggestions based on other ingredients in our database. Select one of these items, or continue to type your own.

Plan to Eat will automatically recognize which category your item belongs in. It will also recognize what store you prefer to purchase the item from based on previous shopping trips. You can add up to 20 items at any one time You can assign them all to different stores, or you can assign them all to the same store.

Click the Add Items button and they will be added to your list. Manually added items will remain on your shopping list, regardless of the date range of your list, until you remove it manually by pressing the trashcan icon that appears to the right of the item when you hover over it, or until you reset your list by pressing the Reset List button.

Remove Items

To remove items from the shopping list, check the select boxes next to each item you want to remove and then click the trash can icon at the bottom of your shopping list. You can also click the individual trash can icons next to each item.

Restore Individual Items

To view and recover removed items unselect the the Hide Removed Items option to view any removed items and then click the individual opened trash can icon next to each removed item. Removed items are indicated with faded text and a line-through them.