Adding items to your Plan to Eat shopping list with Siri is available in the Plan to Eat app (iOS only), version 2.3.9 or greater. 

After you update your app, the first time you open the shopping list, you will be prompted to enable Siri with Plan to Eat. To do this manually, go to Settings Siri & SearchPlan to Eat Use with Ask Siri > toggle ON.

How to communicate with Siri to add items to your shopping list:

  • A request you make to Siri should look like "Add coffee to my list using PTE."
    You need four things in that sentence to get Siri to understand what you want:
    • a word that implies you want to add an item ("Add," "Put").
    • an item ("coffee," "8 bananas")
    • a phrase specifying that you are adding them to a list ("list," "shopping list," "grocery list"). 
    • the name of our app, so Siri doesn't think you want the Reminders app ("Plan to Eat" or "PTE"). This needs to be preceded by a verb ("using," "with," "in").
  • You can specify the app first if you prefer. "Using PTE, add chicken to my grocery list". 
  • Saying "using PTE" or "with PTE" are the most reliable ways to specify our app. The words “Plan to Eat" sometimes confuses Siri.

Some examples of things that will work, with various arrangements:

"Using PTE, add strawberries to my list."

"With PTE, add coffee to my list."

"Add chicken to my list with Plan to Eat."

"Add apples to my shopping list using Plan to Eat."

"Put cookies on my list in PTE."

Things that don't work, and why:

"Add chicken to Plan to Eat", makes Siri think you mean a reminder list called Plan to Eat.

"Add chicken with Plan to Eat", makes Siri prompt you to open the app to continue. 

"Add chicken to my shopping list", makes Siri think you mean a reminder list called 'shopping list' in the Reminders app.

Add multiple items to your list:

Say you get Siri to work with "Hey Siri, add coffee to my list using PTE." You can then continue adding things without saying "using PTE."

So if you tap the Siri icon and your next request is "Add eggs to my list," it should work, because Siri learned that you want to use Plan to Eat to complete your following requests.