Consolidate Purchased Items

  1. Open the Plan to Eat App and navigate to the Shopping List
  2. Tap the upper right  List Settings Icon
    • Make sure Show Purchased Items is toggled On.
  3. Toggle On Consolidate Purchased Items
  4. Navigate back to the Shopping List by tapping the top left Back Icon

Your purchased (crossed-off) items will now be consolidated at the bottom of each store. 

  When you purchase items, a number for the total purchased items (3) will display at the top right of each store heading. Tapping this total will jump down to your alphabetized list of consolidated purchased items.

 Consolidating purchased items is currently the default setting on the Plan to Eat shopping list. If you wish to not consolidate your items, you can quickly turn this off with the toggle. 

Why Consolidate

Consolidating your purchased items keeps your shopping list more organized and less cluttered by separating your purchased and un-purchased items. This helps you more easily focus on what you need to purchase but still easily access your purchased list in case you want to double check that you have everything in your shopping cart.


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