This feature helps you batch cook recipes and store them in the app. The Freezer keeps track of the servings, number of meals, and the date frozen.

To add a recipe to your Freezer, it first needs to be added to your meal planning calendar. 

How to Freeze recipes:

  1. Add a recipe to your Planner from the Recipe Book or from the Planner (learn more about adding meals to your App Meal Planner).
  2. Tap the planned recipe on your Planner.
  3. Tap Prep for Freezer 
  4. Update the number of meals and servings you want to freeze
    • The serving size of the planned recipe and it’s ingredients on your shopping list will automatically update to match.
  5. Tap Add in the upper right corner
  6. A "Prep for Freezer" note will appear above this recipe on your Planner. 

View Your Freezer:

  • From your Recipe Book, tap on the My Recipes header and select Freezer
  • Here you can view each Frozen meal and the number of frozen meals included with each recipe.

Plan recipes from the Freezer:

  1. From the Freezer section, tap on the frozen recipe you want to add to your Planner and select Add to Planner from the menu. 
  2. Select a date and meal time for the recipe and the recipe will be added to your meal plan. 
  3. A defrost note will appear the day prior to remind you to pull that meal out of your freezer to thaw.
  4. A "Frozen Meal" note will appear above the recipe on your planner. 

Plan Frozen Meals from your Planner

  1. From your Planner, tap on a date where you would like to plan a new recipe.
  2. In the menu that opens, tap Plan Frozen Meal*
  3. Select the meal you would like to plan and tap Next
  4. Set a meal time for the recipe and tap Add
  5. The meal is now added to your Planner!

* If you do not have any Freezer meals saved to your Freezer, the option to "Plan Frozen Meal" will not appear in your Planner Menu.

Adjust Servings in the Freezer:

  1. From the  Freezer section, tap on the frozen meal you want to adjust.
  2. Tap Edit Freezer Quantity and adjust the number of meals saved for that recipe. 
  3. Tap Save

The Freezer and the Shopping List:

If you have an existing recipe already in your home freezer and you'd like to add to the Plan to Eat Freezer, you can plan the recipe on a date in the past so it doesn't populate your current shopping list.


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