Cook recipes, put them in your freezer, and the Freezer feature will keep track of the meals you have available.

Rather watch to learn about the Freezer? Check out this video tutorial:


How to Freeze recipes:

  1. Plan a meal in your Planner.
  2. Click on the recipe to open the preview.
  3. Click on Add to Freezer.
  4. Choose how many meals you’d like to plan and how many servings will be in each frozen meal.
  5. Click Add to Freezer when finished.

Plan recipes from the Freezer:

  1. Open your Freezer recipes by clicking the Freezer tab on the left sidebar in the Planner.
  2. Use the handle icon to drag a recipe to your Planner.
    • You’ll see the number of meals in the Freezer subtract one, when you pull a meal away.
    • If you remove a frozen meal from the Planner, it will automatically add back into your Freezer.

Servings in the Freezer:

If a recipe's serving size is 4 servings, then 1 meal will include 4 servings. Two meals would include two separate servings of 4 (8 total servings).

If you need to update the number of meals in the Freezer, click on the number of meals indicated in the Freezer and update the amount in the pop-up window.

You can then click on the Freezer from the left sidebar and see the number of meals in the Freezer and how many servings each meal contains.

If you need to remove a recipe from the Freezer without Planning it:

  1. From the Freezer section in the Recipe Book, click on the serving number that indicates how many you have.
  2. A box will open with an option on the right Remove From Freezer.
  3. A confirmation to remove will appear.

The Freezer and the Shopping List:

If you have an existing recipe in your home freezer and you'd like to add it to your PTE Freezer, you can add the recipe to a date in the past, so it doesn't populate on your current shopping list. 

If you’re making a freezer meal, but also eating one of those meals when you make it, simply add the total number of meals to the Freezer and then drag a single meal to the same day of the planner. This will keep your Shopping List accurate and the number of meals in your Freezer up-to-date.

Managing the Freezer:

Your Freezer meals can be managed from the left sidebar in your Recipe Book.

Click on the  menu to access your recipe options:

  • Edit recipe
  • Edit Frozen Quantity
    • In the dialog box that opens, you can edit the number of frozen servings.
    • Or you can select the  Remove from Freezer button to completely remove the recipe from your Freezer.
  • Add to Planner
    • This will open a dialog box where you can choose the date and meal time to add a frozen meal to your Planner.



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