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The meal planner is the heart of Plan to Eat. Drag recipes from your Recipe Book on the left to create your meal plan on the right. Add additional ingredients, events and notes as needed. You can also change the number of servings, view and print recipes on your planner and export your meal plan to other calendar programs to sync your meal plan with your schedule.

The Recipes Book and Queue

All of your recipes are available on the left side of the planner. You can search and filter your list of recipes to find exactly what you are looking for.

Some people have thousands (literally!) of recipes in their Plan to Eat account. As they are adding recipes to their collection they use the queue as a temporary holding spot for new recipes that they want to try. Recipes can be added directly to the queue when using the bookmark tool. The queue provides a simple way to segment off a smaller section of the recipe book. Once you plan a recipe from the queue, the recipe is crossed off in the queue to indicate that you have planned it. Periodically you can press the "Clear Queue" button at the top of the list to remove these items. The Queue is helpful for people that never want to eat the same thing twice.

Dragging recipes to your planner

To add a recipe, click and hold on the handle (it's the icon that looks like 4 arrows pointing in different directions) of a recipe you want to add, and then drag it to any day on your planner. Once a recipe has been added to your planner, you can move it around to other days, or order it among other already planned items or meal times.

Add notes or ingredients to your planner

Notes will appear on your Planner, but make no change to your Shopping List. Read more about adding ingredients and notes to your planner.

Ingredients will appear on your Planner and on your Shopping List. Read more about adding ingredients and notes to your planner.

Edit multiple items on the meal planner

The Edit Planner feature allows you to copy, move, swap and delete multiple items from your planner based on a range of dates. To access the Edit Planner dialog, click the Edit Planner button at the top of the meal planner. 

Change serving sizes

Click the Servings button at the top left of your planner to update servings sizes for each planned recipe. Updating the serving size for a recipe on your planner will only update the ingredients on your shopping list for that specific recipe, not the main recipe or other similarly planned recipes. Read more about scaling your recipes

Week and Month Views Toggle

For those of you that like to plan one week at a time, you can view your planner as one week. With the press of one button you can change the view to see an entire month at a time.

Meal planner settings

Your planner settings allow you to toggle many features like; your timezone, the beginning of each week, if you want to use mealtime sections, include nutritional data, and the iCal feed for you planner for sharing with other calendar software. Click the Gear Icon button at the top-right of your planner to access your planner settings. Read more about the meal planner settings.


The Menus tab helps you save a grouping of recipes, ingredients and events already on your planner for future use so you can then easily drag them back to your planner! You can create menus from your planner for one day (or one meal), a full or week, or even an entire month or more. You can also select from your friend's menus for inspiration. Read more about menus

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