Click the Gear icon at the top-right of your planner to access your planner settings. Your planner settings allow you to toggle multiple features listed:

Display meal time sections
You can disable this option if you don't plan for multiple meal times and want to simplify your planner.

Monthly Planner starting day
Select which day your monthly and weekly planners start on.

Display upcoming weeks on Monthly Planner
Select this option if you want to see the previous week, current week and the next 5 weeks on your planner instead of just a normal month

Include Nutritional/Cost Information (Per Serving)
You can check to display nutritional data for a single serving of each planned recipe (if it already includes nutritional data), including totals for each day.

Learn more about Monitoring Nutritional Information on the Planner.

Time Zone
Setting your time zone helps your planner stay in sync with your timezone.



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How do i change settings on the meal planner?