Nutrition information is not automatically calculated, but can be entered manually for any recipe. When looking at the recipe details, scroll down to the Nutritional Facts and enter the nutrition amounts per serving.

Using the nutrition and cost information (per serving) in the Planner.

Click on the settings icon on the Planner (it’s the one that looks like a gear) to bring up the Meal Planner Options. In the middle of the options is a section titled Include Nutritional/Cost Information (Per Serving). You can select any details you want to track in your Planner; calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, cost, fat, fiber, nutritional score, protein, sodium, or sugar.

After you have made your selection click Save Settings to exit out of the settings. When you are looking at your Planner you will notice that any of the recipes containing nutrition information will display that information under the recipe. At the bottom of the day is a total of all of the daily nutrition information that you are tracking.

Note: if you don't see nutrition information under the recipe in Plan to Eat, the original recipe did not provide nutrition information. You will need to manually edit the recipe to input this information.