Once your Shopping List has been populated with the items you need to purchase, you may want to arrange your list into specific Categories. Categories allows you to organize your list in an order that makes the most sense for the way you want to shop. 

Press the Categories button at the top of the shopping list to rearrange the order of your list and add or remove categories within your Shopping List.

Now that you have customized your categories, you can rearrange the items on your list so that they fall into the category that you prefer.

To move items: Select an item or group of items that you want to move to a specific category by placing a checkmark next to the item name, then choose the new category from the menu at the top of your Shopping List.

You can also drag the group to to the new category using the handle. When you begin dragging, the menu will open at the top of your list.

You can also edit the ingredient information listed on your Shopping List to move an item to a different category. Click the pencil icon to open the edit window and select the category from the drop down menu.

Over time, Plan to Eat will remember the changes that you have made and move the items into those stores and categories automatically, making your list easier to manage.

How do I use recipe categories?