The Staples List is a static list where you can take inventory and store items you purchase frequently and want to remember when making your shopping list. These items are often not found in recipes, like bananas, cereal, trash bags, paper towels, or shampoo.

Access your Staples List by tapping on the header labeled Shopping List and then select Staples List in the menu that comes down. 

 In the top right corner of your Staples List you will see the menu for your Staples List Settings. You can manage your Categories, Stores, set your list to Metric measurements, toggle showing or hiding purchased items, consolidating purchased items and restore your list.  

Learn more about the Shopping List Settings

Adding to the Staples List

  1. Once in the Staples List, tap the Add New Item button at the bottom
  2. Add in the item information, including title, category and preferred store.
  3. Tap Save to save that item and continue adding items.
  4. When finished saving new items, tap the arrow in the upper left to return to the Staples List.

Copying Staples Items to the Shopping List

You can copy as many Staples items to your Shopping List as you'd like. Copying items over to your Shopping List will not affect your Staples items, it simply creates a copy of each item and adds it to your Shopping List. 

  1. Select a single item or multiple items by tapping the check box next to the item
  2. After selecting item(s), tap the Add Item to Shopping List button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You can select a specific store for all the items, or they will be automatically sorted to their default stores


 Staples list items act as manually added items in your shopping list. Manually added items will remain on your shopping list, regardless of the date range of your list, until you remove them or until you reset your list.