Tags create sub-categories or folders for your recipes. Plan to Eat already has the three main categories of Course, Main Ingredient, and Cuisine, but when you’re looking for additional options, Tags will help you create a high level of organization.

Tags are completely customizable to meet your needs. You can add, edit, and delete tags at any time and you can use the bulk editing options to add tags to multiple recipes at once. 

Once you've added tags to your recipes, you can use the search and filtering options, on both the app and website, to find recipes based on your given categories and tags.

Add tags to a recipe on the website:

  1. Open the recipe.
  2. Scroll to the middle of the ingredient card and on the right side will be a section labeled “Tags”.
  3. Use the pencil icon to access the tags menu.
  4. Select one or more of the pre-defined tags with the checkmark on the left.
    • Or select Add New Tag... to create a new tag.
    • To remove an existing tag, simply deselect the checkmark next to the tag name. 
  5. Press the Save Changes button to finish.

You can create and add as many tags as you’d like to define a recipe.

Learn about creating and adding tags on the app

You can also add tags to your saved Menus to organize them according to your preferences. Your list of tags is shared between your Recipe Book and Menus. Learn more about the Menus feature