Access your Plan to Eat Friends by clicking on the Friends tab in the Recipes section. On the right is a pull-down menu to select a specific friend's recipes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at your Friend's recipes:

1. You can only see the recipes from your friends that they have not marked Private.

2. You can only see recipes from your friends that belong to them. 

All recipes that are "owned" by other Members are indicated by a yellow box containing their username in the recipe listing. You will not be able to see recipes in your friend's Recipe Book that belong to their friends. Below is an example of a recipe that belongs to my friend Riley that she added to her Recipe Book from I can see Riley's public recipes, but I can't see Riley's Friend's public recipes.

3. Recipes that do not belong to you require that you unlock the directions.

Directions can be unlocked by visiting the original website. Simply click on the link provided in the recipe, pay a quick visit to the original website, and the directions will immediately be unlocked in the Plan to Eat recipe from then on. We include this step so that the original recipe author, the person on the other end of the internet who put a whole lot of work into creating this recipe, gets a little appreciation, and so you can know who they are. 

4. You cannot edit your Friend's recipes.

You can Save recipes from your Friends to your Recipe Book and use them just like your own recipes, but you will not be able to alter that recipe. While this recipe belongs to your Friend you will be able to exchange comments with one another.

To edit a recipe that belongs to a Friend you will first need to make a copy of that recipe into your Recipe Book. Once you are working with a copy of this recipe you will no longer be able to exchange comments.