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The Edit Planner feature allows you to copy, move, swap, or delete multiple items, and create menu's on your planner based on a range of dates.

Some helpful examples:

  • Move all future planned items forward a day or more if your schedule changes and you are unable to follow your plan.
  • Duplicate a week of recipes (or always repeating events) to a future date.
  • Swap one week or recipes with another.
  • Delete items from multiple days after making a mistake, like dragging a menu to the wrong location and forgetting to hit the undo button.
  • Create and save menu's for future use.

To get started...

  1. Click the Edit Planner button at the top of the meal planner or click on a date in your Plan to bring up the Edit Meal Plan dialog. If you need to select a range of dates, drag your cursor across the range of dates that you wish to edit. 
  2. Then select the action you want to perform (copy, move, swap, delete or save menu).
  3. Select type of items you want to work with (recipes, ingredients and notes).
  4. Select which sections you would like to work from (breakfast, lunch, supper or snacks).
  5. Then select the FROM date range you would like to start on. Note: You can see your selections highlighted on your planner and you can drag the Edit Planner dialog around to more easily see your planner.
  6. Select the TO date If you are not deleting items.
  7. If saving a new menu, include a title.
  8. Finally, click 'confirm' to complete the process.

Note: The Reset Options link at the top of the dialog window will reset all options to their original values.



Try it out!

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Can I move a group of recipes on the planner?
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