The Edit Plan feature allows you to change serving sizes for multiple recipes, copy, move, swap, or delete planned events, and create Menus from your planner based on a range of dates.

Edit Plan

  1. Click the Edit Plan button at the top of the meal planner or click on a date in your Planner to bring up the Edit Meal Plan dialog.
  2. Select a date range by either choosing dates on the calendar or typing in specific dates.
  3. Select the action you want to perform (change servings, copy, move, swap, delete or save menu).
  4. Select the type of items you want to work with (recipes, ingredients, notes).
  5. Select which sections you would like to work from (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks).
  6. Click Confirm to complete the process.

Change Servings

Use Change Servings to change the serving sizes of multiple recipes at once.


Use Move to reschedule recipes from one date range to another. You'll see a second date range appear for where to move the selected recipes.

Note: if the items associated with these recipes are already checked off the shopping list, they will not be added back to the shopping list once moved. You can find those recipe items with the Hide Removed toggle and the Restore List button.

Learn more about Restore List Button.


Use Copy to duplicate a selection of recipes to a different date range. A second date will appear for where to copy the recipes. 

These recipe items will be added to the shopping list for the new date range. 


Use Swap to switch the recipes for one date range with another. 

For example: switch this week's recipes with next week's to accommodate your schedule. 


Use Delete when you'd like to remove all the recipes and items from a date range. 

Save Menu

Use Save Menu when you'd like to save a new Menu for use at a later date. The Edit Meal Plan dialog will provide a space to name the new Menu.

Learn more about Menus in the Planner


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