1. Are my desktop account and my app account the same?

Yes! You can use the same login credentials for both the app and website. Any changes you make on either platform will be visible in each location. Make sure you are connected to internet or data for syncing to take place. 

2. I am not seeing my changes made on the app updated on the desktop account or vice versa.  What is going wrong?

The first thing to check is that you are connected to a strong internet connection. A spotty connection can hinder the changes from syncing quickly.

Next, you can force a sync on your App by tapping the upper left account icon and then tapping the sync date at the bottom of the slide out.

3. Will there be more features in the app?

Yes! The app will be continually updated to include the vast array of features that our desktop site offers. Periodically check for app updates to see these changes!

4. My Shopping List isn't showing the correct ingredients or amounts!

  1. First, check your shopping list date range is set to the correct range to correspond with the recipes on your Planner. 
  2. You can force your app to sync by tapping the upper left account icon and tapping the sync date at the bottom of the menu slide out.
  3. Finally, you can use the "Show Purchased Items" toggle in the shopping list menu, to view your crossed off items. If you find the missing items, you can then use the Restore List button to add these items back to your list. 

5. I can't stay logged in to the Recipe Clipper on my Phone.

Since you're on a mobile device, we recommend you use our new Share Extension Clipper, rather than the existing bookmarklet. 

Learn more about the new Share Extension Clipper.

If you'd still like to use the existing bookmarklet, refer to the following articles:

Troubleshoot this problem on Android.

Troubleshoot this problem on iOS.


Still having issues? Please email us at [email protected]