We find that with most recipes on Pinterest you must navigate to the original to find the full recipe, as all you see on Pinterest is the image or portions of the recipe. Doing this will allow you to get all of the recipe details and allow you to use our Recipe Clipper to grab the recipe. 

  1. Open the Pinterest App
  2. Find a recipe that you would like to add to your Recipe Book.
  3. Tap on the Visit button to open the full recipe in an in-app browser.
  4. Tap the menu at the top left.
  5. Tap the option Open in {your preferred browser}
  6. Once the recipe is open in a browser, you can use the  Share Extension Recipe Clipper to easily add the recipe to your Recipe Book. 

 Video pins are not linked back to a website, so the option to open the recipe in a browser is not available. 


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