Invite Friends by sending a Friend Request

To share recipes and menus with your friends, click on Friends tab at the top of your recipes page, then press the Add Friends button at the top left of your friend's page to be taken to the Add Friends page.

Enter your friend's email address, or their Plan to Eat user name, and click the Send Email Invitations button. You can send multiple invitations at once (100 max.) by separating the emails or logins with commas (i.e.,,, etc.).

After you click on Send Email Invitations we will send your friends an email inviting them to share recipes with you.

Confirming Friend Request

When someone requests to add you as a friend, you'll receive an email notification with the subject line "Recipe Sharing Request from Plan to Eat." To add them as a friend, click the "Click here to accept your friend's invitation and start sharing recipes." link.

If you are already logged into Plan to Eat you will be taken to your friends recipe book page.

If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in to confirm the friend request or create a new Plan to Eat account.

This article will explain how to access your Friend's recipes.

Try it out!

Breaking Up

To remove a friend:

  1. Select the “Friends” tab from the left sidebar.
  2. Use the pulldown menu to select a friend.
  3. Once in that friend’s recipes, you’ll see an “X” with an “Unfriend” link under the friend's name.
  4. You’ll then be prompted to confirm this unfriend request
  5. Select “OK” to unfriend that account.

Removing Friends from Plan to Eat on Vimeo.

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