The dates of the Shopping List correspond with the dates of the Planner and your list is populated with the items from those planned recipes. Updating the dates on your shopping list will also update the ingredients based on what's on your Planner. However, sometimes there are items that linger regardless of date range, these items may either be manually added or edited items. 

Manually added items are not associated with a date and will appear on your shopping list regardless of the dates of the Shopping List. As you create new shopping lists you may find those items remaining on your list if they were not previously crossed off.

Additionally, once an item has been edited on the shopping list, it is no longer connected to the original recipe and will act like a manually added item and stay on the list regardless of date range, until it's crossed off.

You can find manually added items as they are not indicated by a recipe number next to the pencil icon.

Checking items off your list using the App

When you check off an item using the App, you are telling the program that you placed the item in your cart or "purchased" the item and you no longer need it on the list.

This item will be removed from your list until you plan the corresponding recipe again or manually add the item back to your list.

The Restore List button on the Shopping List

If you have multiple items that are staying on your list, it can be helpful to restore your shopping list to create a clean slate before meal planning. This ensures you don't have any extra items from previous trips in your Shopping List.

You can access this feature on the Shopping List Settings page:

  • Tap the ••• menu icon at the top right of your shopping list.
  • Tap the Restore Shopping List option.
  • You will be asked to confirm restoring your list.
    • You will have the optional checkbox to: Also remove all manually added items on your list not associated with your meal plan
  • Tap the Restore button in the upper left to finish.

Restoring your shopping list will restore all shopping list items associated with your planned recipes and ingredients for the selected date range on your list.

Learn more about restoring your list on the app.