What if the calculated nutrition totals for my recipe are wrong?

If you feel the calculated nutrient values are incorrect, first check and adjust the Original Serving Size of your recipe. Some recipes will incorrectly import a serving size of 1 which can make the nutrient totals seem too high.

Next, check if the ingredients in the recipe are correct. If an ingredient is misspelled or not written properly in the Ingredients section, i.e., the amount should be in the amount field, unit in the unit field, ingredient name in the ingredient field, and notes in notes.

If the totals still appear incorrect, flag the nutrient for review by our team and we will update the ingredients that are skewing the total value.

We are currently reviewing flagged nutrient values weekly. 

I don't see the option to flag nutrient values for review.

The option to flag nutrients is currently only available on the website version of Plan to Eat. Login on the website and flag the nutrient for review. We will review the data and update the ingredients that are skewing the total value. 

Some recipes on my Planner aren't showing nutrition facts, even though I have that option selected.

If you don't see nutrition information under the recipe in Plan to Eat, the original recipe does not include nutrition information. You can automatically calculate the nutrition facts with the Calculate Nutrition Facts button. 

What does Beta mean?

Currently, the Calculate Nutrition Facts feature is labeled "Beta" because we are still working out some kinks and highly specific aspects of the feature. As we get customer feedback and flagged nutrition values, the nutrition database will get smarter and produce better results.