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Printing your list by pressing the Print button at the top of the window. 

Plan to Eat gives you options for how big to print the text size, whether or not to include the recipe key, and an option to split the sections separating each store onto its own page.

Print Options

When you press the print button on the shopping list you will see a print preview of your list. To the right of the print preview is the Print Options dialogue box which allows you to select the text size, whether or not you want to include the corresponding Recipe Key, and the option to split sections. The Recipe Key is a list of recipes that the items in your shopping list will make. The Split Sections feature allows you to print each grocery store on its own page.


Instead of printing, you can also click the Export button at the top of your shopping list to bring up the export dialog box. This allows you to copy your list as text for use in email, or any other software. Simply copy the text below the "Copy and Paste" heading onto your computer’s clipboard and then paste it wherever you would like it. You can also export your shopping list into a .csv file for use in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

View your shopping list on your phone

Access your shopping list on any mobile device by going to to Plan to, log in, and you will be taken to your shopping list. Check off the items as you add them to your cart. You can decide if you want checked items hidden from your list by using the Hide Checked Items check box. You can also view your list for different stores as you make your way through your list. Save Plan to Eat to your home screen and the mobile site will function just like an app by logging you in automatically the next time you use it.


Please note that the export feature is not available in the mobile website or app, at this time.



Try it out!

Can I export my shopping list?